City Erotica
 by Donald Lung @InBetween

City Erotica
 by Donald Lung @InBetween



各種人、事、物在城市中隱藏着,而又彼此有連繫的關係,我為此而感到着迷。City Erotica中展出的照片都是2012所拍攝的,這都是圍繞着香港。當中涉及的有隨意的街拍,也有預設的拍攝場境。當中主題是針對對性進行的探索,取材是一些大家習以為常的物件、風景和路人。透過對性投射出來的欲望,在看不見的情況下,正不斷的和周遭的事物發生一連串的互動。



My passion for photography gives me a sense of living.

Photographs present a documentary of the living past, and to me each grain in monochrome film draws up the perfect description of the past.

Each person, thing, and object is hidden from view in the city, yet I am fascinated by their intertwined relationship. “City Erotica” showcases photos that are taken in 2012 around Hong Kong: there are random snapshot in the street, as well as predefined shooting scenes.

The theme itself is an exploration to sexuality. It is taken from things that are taken for granted such as scenery and pedestrian. Through the desire reflected in sexuality, a series of interactions occurs within the surrounding in an extent of hidden situations

In this era where time for reflection is scared, and in the days of endless ejaculations, those offensive and controversial themes of sexuality, becomes ordinary, yet inexplicable.

For endless repression and extended desire, one can probably capture a portion of it and in it’s fullest through cameras.